Chuty and kids

In this part Chuty is going to meet small people, who were friendly and brought her into the kindergarten. The squirrel felt very well until one boy, whos name was John, have decided to invite her to his home.

Chuty - Lazy Squirrel. We meet Chuty a young average squirrel who enjoys life in her oak tree, collecting nuts, cleans the tree’s leafs and runs around the forest. One day something happens and she becomes lazy. She stays up in her oak tree and does nothing but eat and sleep. Soon, when she runs out of food and having turned into a fat animal, she climbs down her favorite tree to look for food. Not being able get back up to her house on the tree, she makes a decision to leave the forest and meet people.

She comes across small people who present themselves as kids. They put her in a toy car and bring to the kindergarten where she has a wonderful life until one boy decides to bring the squirrel home with him. He promises her LEGO, cars and an older sister. Chuty thinks that these things are some kinds of food and agrees to come with the boy. Chuty gets very confused when she meets the boy’s parents. This leads to unexpected situations with different scenarios of development.

The squirrel hides in a bag with books and discovers an old piece of chocolate at the bottom of it. Turns out, the beg belongs to the boy’s older sister, who finds the squirrel on her way to the university.

This discovers situations, which people meet in life and deal with them according to social codes. I wanted to go out of stereotypes and not to moralize, for example, laziness and overweight. Most interesting for me was to search from my memories about funny misunderstanding about some of words, or how inappropriate behavior in eating and mixing all sweets together can be funny. The morale is this story coded into openness and friendliness.