Varfor ingen klappar igelkott

Work in progress on the Swedish and English version of Ukrainian bestseller Why No One Pets Hedgehog.

Ukrainian version you can find >>>HERE

Writer: Andrey Kurkov
Language: Swedish
Age: 3 - 5

This is a touching story for all ages illustrated in a fuzzy children’s manner. Visually rich and with little but meaningful text, the book was written by a renowned Ukrainian author Andrey Kurkov. It tells a story of a sweet but lonely hedgehog who envied other animals because they were pet by humans. The hedgehog is sad until he meets a cute and friendly mouse.

When you live close to people, you can not help but notice how people caress their beloved

pets: dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. And if you see all this, but no one cares about you at

this time, an important and painful question arises: “Why? Why am I worse?” It was this question that for a short time overshadowed the life of a hedgehog living in the forest near

the village. But, as well as it is necessary in a fairy tale, the answer to this question has been

found. And to find this answer a new friend helped the hedgehog, whom nobody caresses

but it doesn`t make him unhappy. Andrey Kurkov