Why Nobody Strokes Hedgehogs (ENG)


© Production: Tyanachu
Original title: Почему ёжика никто не гладит.
© Story: Andrey Kurkov
© Illustrations: Tania Goryushina
Language: ENGLISH (Limited edition) and SWEDISH
Age: 0.9 - 6
Hard cover, 36 pages
High quality FSC paper

Dimention: 295 x 210 mm.
Wheigt: 320 gr.
ISBN: 978-91-984219-3-4

This is a touching story for all ages illustrated in a fuzzy children’s manner. Visually rich and with little but meaningful text, the book was written by a renowned Ukrainian author Andrey Kurkov. It tells a story of a sweet but lonely hedgehog who envied other animals because they were pet by humans. The hedgehog is sad until he meets a cute and friendly mouse.

Published in September 2018