About Chuty Series

The stories and illustrations are under the process of development.

Genre: Picture books, Activity books, Chapter books.

These illustrated adventures of Chuty, the wild squirrel, will represent a sensitive character who learns through different experiences to communicate, help, trust, listen to own feelings and deal with unexpected situations, own fears, envies and other issues that all humans encounter in life.

This book is meant to inspire to be curious, happy and self aware, as well as aware of other and the environment.

It is a series of different adventures of Chuty the wild squirrel that readers of all ages will enjoy.

The stories carry an insightful messages, narrative strength, beautiful illustrations and combine life experiences, beliefs in humans best sides and author's knowledge accumulated while working with children on creativity (creative tasks).

Naming the main character: The name Chuty is based on a Ukrainian verb which means “to hear”, “to be able to hear”, “to understand”, “to comprehend”. The author gave the squirrel this name as a devotion to her own experience of becoming an immigrant, who, in order to understand another culture, needed to leave own stereotypes behind and become open to new situations.