All Pancakes Are Different

All Pancakes Are Different is a children poetry with light and bright watercolor drawings.

"The idea of this book came during a morning when I cooked pancakes for my friend and her two daughters - Gabriella and Michael. 9 year old Gabriella said, "You know what Tania, I think that all pancakes are different." I saw something in the tank, children's poetry in his innocence and simplicity, and asked her why she thought so. We ate pancakes and discussed why they are so different throughout the morning. There is a great picture from the morning when Gabriella lays a crepe over the face that still makes me laugh.

Pancakes are popular food for many people and nationalities. It's a little ritual that exist in my own family to, it reminds me of childhood. This book plays in rhymes with all the good thoughts that I associate with pancakes. The poetry is written by me but it comes from the conversation with the child as it is genuine and is located close to a child.

Will be available in 2018