For Authors&Publishers

Creating a children book is a real passion for me. It is a big work as well. I`m often asked to create illustrations after the manus. And I do collaborate with pleasure if I have time for it beside my own projects.

To paint a children`s book takes minimum 4 month. Unfortunately I could not learn how to work faster. The problem is always my  perfectionism to make a great work.

I different ways of collaboration:

Collaboration 1:  I take your manus under the wing of my publishing and therefore taking risks on investing my time and efforts to create the product - BOOK, to bublish it and distribute in Sweden. This option happens rare sisnce I really need to be inspired by the project and willing to work for the future possible profit. It usually takes a year to complete illustrations, edit, publish and begin distribution. I pay you authors royalty.

An exaple of such collaboration is a story Why nobody strokes hedgehog by Andrey Kurkov, which melted my heart in 2005. I believe on importance of the philosophy this serie opens to children.

The book in this case is published and distributed under Tyanachu wing.

Collaboration 2: introduces my services as illustrator, designer and even publisher to a private person or companyes. In this case I need to see your manus as a great potencial and inspiration to work with. I take the work as commission and create illustrations, or illustrations together with book layout. I can even help you in publishing the book. The prices are based on amount of work.

An example of such collaboration is the coloring book Puff in Egersund by Anna Radomska and book Rescue lady crocodile (Крокодилиця поспішає на допомогу) by Natalia Kostinskaya.

If I do not take your manus, please do not be upset or ungry. I am a busy, lazy artist, who works also alot on administration of the own publishing house and marketing. You might guess how exhausting it can be shifting between creativity and rational administrative work. You project might be greate but just not fit to my timing or concept. I might advise you other great artists to, in case you ask me.

Collaboration 3: If you are an established publisher, I will be happy to collaborate if the manus is inspiring. I usually do not care if the author is big or not. I care for the story. I also like to work with another publishers because it shifts me from my own bubble and expand the possibilities for the marketing. In this case I work on the basis of royalty.

Here are few books I did in cooperation with the publishers: Best Days of the Year, which I created for Ukrainian publisher Crocus and the author Oksana Lushchevska. Or another book, Перша подорож, made together with Glowberrybooks.

For any of such enquaries please contact via email: contact @