For Authors&Publishers

Creating a children book is a real passion for us. To paint a children`s book takes a minimum 4 month.

I different ways of collaboration:

Collaboration 1: We take your manus under the wing of our publishing, investing time and efforts to create the product - BOOK, to publish it and distribute it in Sweden. It usually takes a year to complete illustrations, translate, edit, publish and start distributing the book. At the moment we have tree ongoing projects and not take new authors. Here is an exaple of such collaboration Why nobody strokes hedgehog by Andrey Kurkov.

Collaboration 2: Fits mostly for the authors, agencies or commercial projects. We create illustrations on request after your manus/idea. We can help with production of a complete beautiful book as well. We only take these manuses which we feel we can make great project from.

The price depends on the amount of work. An example of such collaboration is the coloring book Puff in Egersund by Anna Radomska and book Rescue lady crocodile (Крокодилиця поспішає на допомогу) by Natalia Kostinskaya.

Collaboration 3: If you are an established publisher, we will be happy to create illustrations or a complete book for you!
Here are few books we did in cooperation with the publishers:
Best Days of the Year, which was created with hte Ukrainian publisher Crocus and the author Oksana Lushchevska. Or another book, Перша подорож, made together with Glowberrybooks.

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